Tara Flow Retreat

Tenerife, 2022

12-18 February:Yoga
19-25 February: Taichi and Qigong
26 Feb-4 March: Dance
5-12 March: Flow Arts

Choose one week, two, three or all 4 weeks, from Yoga to Taichi, to Dance and Flowarts.


Join us for up to one month of moving, meditation, play and community!

Week one

Yoga and Breathwork
with Isaac Mullins

Week two

Taiji, Qigong and Meditation
with Sarah Tulivu

Week three

Dance and Contact Improvisation
with Cristina Crippa and Kira Kirsch

Week four

Flow Arts, Fire and Circus
with Rónan McLoughlin, and Olivia Mancino

We are living in powerful times,
so let’s prioritize what empowers us.

Let’s collect and hone the tools that will aid us on this journey.
Let’s take care of the foundations of our being from which we co-create this world.

Keep flowing.

Each week we’ll be joined by incredible teachers who will guide us into the arts of flow, movement, wellness and connection.



From the 12th February to the 12th of March, 2022


In Manantial De Tara, a yoga and meditation retreat center in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Tara Flow Retreat is made up of 4 individual weeks each with an emphasis on different practices. 

Beginning with taking care of ourselves, exploring and strengthening the foundations of body, mind, and energy we then progress to expression and connection with others and on to play, performance and celebration.

It is possible for participants to attend a single week but we are encouraging you to stay for longer and enjoy the cross-pollination of different practices while establishing a movement family community.



meaning of life



Tara retreat 2022

All levels welcome. Workshops are for anyone with a body.
Whether its your first time or you are an experienced practitioner you will find each week both accessible and challenging.
Choose from the weeks below:

Week One

12 – 18 February

Yoga & Breathwork

Strengthen and open the body.
Quiet the mind.
Explore the power of breath.

Join us for a week of Yoga and breathwork under the guidance of Isaac Mullins, surrounded by sunshine, delicious food and your soon to be movement family!

Week Two

19 – 25 February

Taiji (Taichi) & Qigong

Align, relax, release, feel, flow. Harmonizing mind, body, breath and feeling we move towards wholeness

Follow the flow with your teacher, the wonderful Sarah Tulivu, and experience the power of Taiji and Qigong moving meditation under the guidance of Sarah Tulivu.

Week Three

26 Feb – 4 March

Dance and Contact Improv

Freeing the bodies possibility and expression.
Waving, undulating, flowing.
Exploring inner and outer connection.

Join us for a week of dance with Cristina Crippa and Kira Kirsch as they lead us on a journey into the world of Contact Improvation and the exploration of Axis Syllabus on the sunny Island of Tenerife.

Week Four

5 – 12 March

Flow Arts, Fire and Circus

Unlock your flow.
Optimize the learning process.
Develop technique.
Open the possibilities of body movement and expression.
Practice freedom.

Renowned Flow Arts teachers Rónan McLoughlin and Olivia Mancino will lead us on a journey into object manipulation technique alongside movement practices to free our bodies expression and creativity.

Week 1 Yoga - What awaits you:

Your week will be spent with Isaac who will guide you through a unique combination of deep breath work and asana (yoga postures). He will focus on strengthening and opening the body, quieting the mind and exploring the power of the breath – evoking your natural resilience and adaptive potential while observing, aligning, opening and releasing.

Spend your free time relaxing in one of our cosy sit spots soaking up the warm rays, exploring one of the many scenic hikes with spectacular views over the Island or connecting and practicing with the movement family you find yourself among.

Your Teacher:

Combining the approaches of Vipassana Meditation with Hatha Yoga, Isaac draws on over 20 years experience to bring a methodology that is both challenging, introspective and transformative.
Isaac’s breathing methods open body and mind, reduce inflammation, increase energy levels and are the ideal preparation for entering the asana practice.
The practice of Hatha yoga uses the techniques of holding postures with delicate alignment suggestions whilst observing an easy natural breath.

Week 2 Taiji - What awaits you:

In this week Sarah will lead us to explore the moving meditation practices of Taiji (Taichi) and Qigong.
These practices will lead your systems towards a more unified and harmonious state, aligning, breathing, releasing and flowing. Through the opening of the body and breath, we gradually learn how to feel ourselves more deeply, sit with what arises, soften without collapse and be aligned and alert without becoming rigid.

In this week we will explore these powerful practices which bring back our mind, body, breath, energy to operate more harmoniously as one.

Your Teacher:

Sarah Tulivu, or Fong Yi, (ordained name), has trained Taiji/Taichi, Qigong, and sitting meditation for the past 9 years intensively within the tradition of Taiwanese Master, Waysun Liao.

During that time, about 6 years were passed living a full-time monastic life in a Tao Temple and monastery.

Previously, she trained intensively in the Buddhist tradition for 2 years in Nepal, sitting or serving a silent meditation retreat each month.

In 2019 she was advised by Master Liao to leave the Tao Temple and learn how to carry the practice into everyday life, and to share it with those interested who cross her path.

In 2020 she was made an instructor by Master Waysun Liao, who has been encouraging her to keep sharing with others.

Week 3 Dance - What awaits you:
Your week of will be spent under the guidance of Cristina and Kira who will lead us in our movement explorations.

Each morning Kira will host a series of movement and dance workshops inspired by the Axis Syllabus –
a somatic study of human movement leading to the creation of spiraling and undulating movement material. Embodied anatomy and physics will guide the opening of our movement possibilities.

The evening session will be led by Cristina. Contact Improvisation is a dance form that evolves from spontaneous communication between moving bodies in a physical contact. Exploring the worlds of touch, weight, momentum, balance, and flow give it a continuously emerging shape.

Your Teachers:

Cristina Crippa:

Cristina studied different kinds of dance until falling in love with contact improvisation. Her passion for dance and movement shifted her attention from the canvas to the body and its relation with the environment and people. While studying with various masters in Italy and abroad she created a personal course and started teaching in 2014.

“Contact improvisation allowed me to research the power of listening, of being rooted and in the same time able to move freely, to have trust in our inner resources and to deepen the quality of presence and for me it’s a privilege to share all of these aspects through teaching.”

Kira Kirsch:

Kira’s training is primarily based on the principles of the Axis Syllabus, a precise system of orienting the moving body internally and externally. Safe falling reflexes, fluid transitions and kinetic efficiency are some of the characteristics of this approach.
In her classes she creates an environment that cultivates intrinsic motivation, offers time for real inquiry and sensation a deepening experience with oneself and others.

“One of the beautiful things about dancing is the sensation when you surrender to the pull of the earth and let go… In this workshop we will gently prepare the body and mind for a genuine conversation with gravity.”

Week 4 Flow Arts - What awaits you:
Our week will consist of morning and evening workshops as well as free time for yourself to relax, explore or continue to train – all accompanied by warm sunshine, delicious nourishing food, alongside your new flow family in our own private playground!
After dinner take part in, or sit back and enjoy, the fire jams and performances, as we lead up to a final celebratory weekend of performance, dance and connection together.

The Flow Arts is a term that encompasses the juggling, object manipulation and fire arts which emphasises the potential for these art forms to bring us into the flow state. In a state of flow our body, mind, object and movement harmoniously bring about a quality of effortless expression and engagement.

Poi and staff practice will be the core of our exploration but the techniques and movement research will be applicable to all props.

Your Teachers:

Rónan McLoughlin:

Rónan is a world renowned fire and object manipulation artist from Ireland. Best known for his innovative style of poi spinning. Rónan has been teaching and performing around the world for the past 20 years.

Taking inspiration from other juggling and object manipulation arts, as well as movement and mind/body awareness disciplines such as Taichi and meditation alongside illusion-based dance, he has developed his own unique style of movement and performance.

Olivia Al-Kimiya (Pyrodanza)
Traveller, researcher of truth, explorer of the world and of the soul, Olivia dedicates her life to dance as a metaphor of life embodying in her path of growth the archetype of the warrior. Graduated at the American Academy of dramatic arts of NY, Olivia integrates Yoga, Contemporary Dance (Floorwork) Somatics, and basic acrobatics to the art of contact staff manipulation balancing the ingredients of advanced tricks mastering, dance and interpretation. Her focus is to develop a unique personal flow that transcends technique and focuses on dancing as one with the instrument, harmonising with gravity and mixing strength, grace, presence and versatility.


Mantanial Del Tara - Vision

Set in the Mantanial Del Tara ecological farm and personal development center on the East of the island of Tenerife.

We were originally drawn to Mantanial Del Tara while searching for a location in the Canary Islands because of its wonderful founder Guillermo.

Generous, kind and humble we were struck by his vision as he described the project and decided that it aligned perfectly with our goal to contribute the financial cost of renting a venue into something worthwhile that aligned with our values.

At the edge of both worlds

Mantanial Del Tara can be found close to the small town of Arafo, 5km west of the coastal town of Candeleria. It is located between the chaos of the overdeveloped coastline and the beautiful highlands of cloud forest and volcanic mountain. 

To be in Mantanial is to be on the edge of both worlds. 

Go down into the chaos or up into the purity. 

Our playground encompasses both worlds.

Mantanial’s microcosm somewhat reflects the macrocosm of its surroundings. By day the space is a beautiful spiritual haven and by night its amazing lighting turns it into a magical wonderland.

Feng Shui Nooks & Crannies

The space is designed with many different areas, inspired by Feng Shui and the elements. 

From a wonderful dining area and its attaching yoga studio, to the fire pit next to the training platform, to the central circle and the meditation cave, to the gardens and water features, to various living spaces, chill out areas, tea stations, etc the space contains many different nooks and crannies to enjoy.

Practice Space

The center has a yoga studio and meditation cave along with many outdoor spaces suited to practice and movement.

And a large shaded platform is being built for people to practice and play on.


Bring warm layers for the evenings and light, comfy and easy to move in clothing for the daytime.

The seven islands that form the Canary Islands experience a Mediterranean climate typified by extremely dry summer months with warm temperatures and mild winters with more rainfall, particularly to the north of the region.

In terms of temperature alone, the Canary Islands experience a subtropical climate which means that temperatures and mild and stable throughout the year within the range 18 – 24 °C

Situated 1,500 miles south of Ireland and lying at the same latitude as the Sahara Desert, Tenerife sees a climate that is warm all year round but with some remarkable regional variations.

Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands that lie off the western coast of Morocco. The weather is cooler than North Africa due to the northeasterly trade winds and the temperate Canary Current. This is cool water that swells up from deep in the Atlantic Ocean and affects the sea temperature and weather in Tenerife.

Tenerife benefits from the consistent weather that Spain’s Canary Islands are noted for, with warm days throughout the year.

More about


Tenerife alone is home to approximately two-fifths of the entire Canary population, and takes its name from an old native name for Mount Teide – White Mountain, from the snowy peaks of its dormant volcano whose emissions created the island itself millions of years ago.

The island was conquered in the late 15th century by Spanish forces and served as a major stopping point for ships on their way to the Americas. A mass emigration by Tenerife’s residents to Latin America is what sealed its bond to the then – New World, as the island’s grape production was by far the strongest facet of its economy.

British forces would try to take the island during the Revolutionary Wars; Nelson famously lost an arm while he battled in vain to capture Tenerife, while Sir Walter Raleigh was involved in another failed attempt.

Tenerife is served by two airports; one each on the north and south of the island. The northern airport is only a few miles away from Santa Cruz de Tenerife; the joint capital along with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria of the whole island group. 

Known as the Island of Eternal Spring, temperatures on the island are mild enough for agreeable weather all year round – however it is not unusual to see snow-covered hills off in the distance during t-shirt weather!


The organizers

Jessie Wilkinson

Interior designer, festival curator and décor

Jessie Wilkinson is co-curator and co-host of Tara Flow Retreats. Coming from a background in interior design, music festival curation, and festival décor styling, she has worked with the Irish Landmark Trust restoring historic buildings spanning over 20 years and also worked on projects with the likes of Electric Picnic and Body and Soul for many years helping to create spaces and experiences that touch the heart and expand the soul.

Recognized for her creativity and innovative approach, Jessie is committed to community spirit.  As a collective, she believes we are being called to step forward and support one another through new ideas and shared experiences. Her intention is to co-create spaces for communities to flourish and feel nurtured and supported.

Finding the best location for the retreat, along with creating the overall vibe, and sourcing staff that fit with the ethos of Tara Flow, Jessie is the go-to person for guest queries and concerns before, during, and after the retreat.

Breathing new life and energy into spaces is a passion of hers and seeing how this not only changes the environment, but how it supports those who use the space continues to motivate and inspire her.

Tara Flow Retreat is open to anyone who is passionate about exploration, connections, and community.

Rónan McLoughlin

Fire and object manipulation artist

Tara Flow Retreat is co-created and co-hosted by Rónan, a world renowned fire and object manipulation artist from Ireland. Best known for his innovative style of fire performance, poi spinning and as the innovator of contact poi, Rónan has been teaching and performing around the world for the past 20 years.

Taking inspiration from other juggling and object manipulation arts, as well as movement and mind/body awareness disciplines such as Taichi and meditation alongside illusion-based dance, he has developed his own unique style of movement and performance.

Rónan has been the producer and organiser of many successful events, festivals, retreats and workshops around the worlds.
He is currently the director of ROGU – a fire, light and movement arts performance and education company based in Ireland.

Leaving regenerated.

In this strange time when people have been isolated and restricted, many of us are seeking opportunities to come together and connect with each other, immerse ourselves in practices that inspire and energize us, and just take time for ourselves and what serves us best in a nourishing environment.



It’s important to us that our projects are for the mutual benefit of all involved.
Our projects should be beneficial not only to us and the participants that attend but also to the land and community that hosts us.
Our projects strive to find ways to offer financial support to the teachers and organizers involved so that they are free to continue to create and share their experience with others.

Our purpose is to create an effect of lasting deep value, leaving the place that hosts us better than we arrived, for participants to leave stronger, clearer and more energized, armed with tools to enhance their capacity to engage with their lives and the world and for those who put the energy into the creation and facilitation to be supported on their journeys.


Accommodation and Pricing

Studios, cabins and dorm yurt.

There are a variety of shared occupancy bedrooms in various buildings allocated on a first come first served bases.

There are 4 studios, 3 wooden cabins and 1 dorm yurt. Each dwelling has a variety of facilities within or nearby.


All prices include 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day.

Discount Dorm

Prices below.

In a Yurt

The perfect sleepover for those who wish to immerse themselves in nature on a budget.

Sleeps up to 6

3 bunk beds in a beautiful spacious Yurt.

Wooden Cabin

Prices below.

x3 Cabins available

Cozy cabins with outside seating and decking overlooking beautiful views of the valley.

Sleeps up to 2

Situated in a peaceful pocket of this glorious sanctuary


Prices below.

x4 Studios available

Ensuite with outdoor decking and seating, where you can enjoy gorgeous garden views.

Sleeps up to 2

Bright, airy and esthetic modern studios


Click here for accommodation details.

Early bird prices till 16th January.

The price per week is shown in (brackets). If you book more than a week there is a discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and Payment

Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you with payment details and answers to any questions.

Are meals included in the booking price?

Yes, 3 delicious vegetarian meals will be provided for you during your stay.

Will we be sharing rooms?

Yes, there are 3 room options to choose from at the retreat. Studios, Cabins and Yurts. All participants will be sharing and it is booked on a first come first serve basis. Go to the bookings page for more info and pricing.

What about participating for all 4 weeks ?
Yes, we would love to invite you to book for one or more weeks to fully immerse yourself and If you are choosing to join for more than one week go to the bookings page for discount info.
When are arrival and departure?
All the courses begin on a Saturday and come to a close on the following Friday. Arrival and Registration is between 3pm – 4pm on the Saturday.
Is it for all levels?

Yes! We are all always beginners in these infinite practices.
Whether you have never practiced before or you are an experienced practitioner we can all benefit from a period of intensive practice and togetherness.

How can I reserve my place?

Click HERE, and follow instructions to reserve your place.

Is there an alcohol and drug policy ?
Yes, our retreat venue is alcohol and drug free. There will be a designated smoking area within the retreat. We request that you honor this as part of the process.
I have a dietary requirement

All meals are vegetarian but do let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements in the book now form

Is there internet?

Yes, but we would like to encourage people to take this time to fully immerse themselves in the retreat venue and disconnect as much as possible. We invite you to respect those who are minimizing their screen time and use your screens away from communal areas, or better still treat yourself to a digital detox.

Do we need a negative Covid test to participate?

Yes, PCR before arrival would be best, but Antigen fast test is also ok, especially if you are already on the island.This applies whether you have a vaccine or not. Antigen tests will be provided on arrival at registration.

How do I get there?


What Should I Bring?
  • There are pillows there, but if you have a pillow for sitting meditation that works for you, bring it. 
  • A yoga mat for the week of yoga. There are a few cheap ones there already but your own will be better.
  • Flashlight
  • USB cables to charge what you need to charge.
  • Notebook and pen
  • Hiking boots
  • Swimwear
  • Sun screen
  • Warm clothes/Jackets for the evening
What if the retreat is canceled or if I have to cancel due to Covid 19?

Check below : ).

Covid Policy
If WE cancel the event from causes related to Covid 19 or any other restrictions, we will give you the entire deposit back (except bank transaction costs, if there are any).

If YOU cannot come to the event, because you contract Covid-19, we will give you the entire deposit back, except the transaction fee. We will need to see a positive test with your name on it, or a doctor’s note.
An admin fee of €50 will apply.

If you cannot come because of restrictions in your home country, your flights get canceled, or you cannot travel because of any other reason related to government restrictions, we will give you back the deposit minus an administration fee of €50.

How to can you contact us for more info?

For any queries please email taraflowretreat@gmail.com

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